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Our Vision

Our primary goal is to ensure that 100% of our scholars graduate from a four-year college with employable skills, valuable knowledge, and the internal character traits to see them through life’s challenges. 

What Makes ACCS Different?  

  •  We are a tuition free, public charter school – open to all scholars.
  •  We are invested in the potential of every child.
  • We focus intensely on literacy and mathematics, across the content areas.
  • We use data to evaluate instruction and scholar progress.
  • More time + excellent educators = academic achievement.
  • Every scholar is on the path to college.
  • We provide daily tutoring and scholar supports.
  • We communicate frequently and consistently with families.
  • We are culture driven–and our culture is structured and positive.

We Believe...

  • Every child can succeed.
  • Hard work yields achievement.
  • Closing the achievement gap is not possible without high expectations for all.
  • In personalizing education.
  • That building relationships with families is key to a child’s success.

WE provide...

  • A small school environment with 300 scholars in our middle school program and roughly 350 in our high school program.
  • Classes between 23-28 scholars in middle school and between 12 - 22 for high school.
  • 90 minutes of literacy, math, and targeted supports at the middle school and 90 minute blocks at the high school.
  • 7-year Financial Literacy Program to teach critical skills for both business and personal finance.
  • Complete courses for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and social studies.
  • Physical education, fine arts, and organizational skills classes.
  • Enrichment and Sports programs including:
    • Intramural basketball for boys and girls 
    • Volleyball 
    • Futsal 
    • Running Club
    • Gardening Club
    • Choral Club
    • Etiquette Club
    • Drum Line
    • Anime Club
    • Yoga Club
    • Chess Club
    • Art Club
    • Cinema Club
    • Scholar Council (scholar government) 
    • Scholar High School Planning Committee,  and more…
  • All School Community Meetings” to celebrate scholars’ successes.
  • School uniforms to build a culture of respect, pride, and community.
  • A seamless middle to high school program.
  • College Skills Program and advisors to help scholars stay on course for high school graduation, college readiness, and college acceptance.