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Argosy Collegiate Charter Middle School, 263 Hamlet St. , Fall River, MA 02724

Argosy Collegiate Charter High School (opens in August 2017), 240 Dover Street, Fall River, MA 02721 (We are not receiving mail at the high school address until August 2017).

All school business, including mail, email, phone calls, visits, and deliveries are handled at the middle school main office (until August 2017 when high school business will be handled at the high school location). 
The middle school is located on the corner of Whipple Street and Hamlet Street and our main office entrance is accessible through our off-street parking lot on Whipple Street (Whipple Street is a one-way street). 

Please use the Whipple Street handicapped accessible entrance for wheelchair accessibility and large deliveries.

General Office Phone: 508-567-4725
Fax:  774-365-4383

General email:

Kristen Pavao, Middle & High School Principal, Executive Director,, 774-451-7280

Bethany Therriault, Director of Operations,, 508-567-8413

Sunil Jagannath, Director of Student Support,, 508-740-0251

CJ Russ, Dean of Students,, 508-617-1022

Michelle Carney, Director of Curriculum & Instruction,, 508-617-1357

Kaitlin Bishop, Middle School Vice Principal,, 508-617-1337

Joshua Miranda, High School Vice Principal,, 508-740-5729

Sarah Souza, Student Adjustment Counselor,, 508-57-2279

Perry Baker, Student Adjustment Counselor,, 774-294-9989

Jillian Gomes, Administrative Assistant,, 507-740-5367

Leily DePina, Student Support & Administrative Assistant,, 508-536-1087